2014 EICMA Show
in Milan, Italy  --  November 4-9, 2014
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US Pavilion  The Milan Show 2013:

It's time to reserve your space in the US Pavilion!!  (see below)

(Group Photo of US Pavilion 2010)

OFFICIAL US CERTIFICATION!!:   As January 2013, the US Department of Commerce has put its seal of approval on the MILAN show for the fourth year in a row.  Together with members of their staff, the US Consulate in Milan and the EICMA staff, we will be hosting the US Pavilion at the 2013 EICMA.

EXHIBITING at the Milan Show in the US Pavilion:

Here is the basic design of the US Pavilion "turn-key booths"  The space will be sold in increments 16 square meteres ( 4 x 4 meters -- approx 12 x 12 feet) .  The booths will include:  back walls, company signs, carpet, table/chairs, reception counter, showcase, locking closet, and wastebasket.  All booths will come with lights and electricity along with a strip plug for laptops, etc. 

(Rendering of proposed Turn-key design for US Pavilion 2013)

End of June 2013:  Deposits are due.  Space priority will be given on a first come first served basis, so the sooner you send in your deposit the better.

August 15, 2013:   Final payments are due for US Pavilion exhibitors.

Here is the new design for the US Pavilion:

You can download the application and the order forms here: 



Request for Information and Telephone Consultation

If you are from the US and are intersted in exhibiting or visiting the MILAN show this year, fill out this questionnaire, submit it,  and our staff will be happy to contact you.

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Company Name:
Address Street 1:
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Daytime Phone:
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Exhibiting in the US Pavilion with Turn-key Booth
  Exhibiting with our own booth
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The International Motorcycle Exhibition

Milan, Italy – Nov. 5-10, 2012

It’s time to reserve your space for the Milan Show! I hope business is on the upswing for your company and I’m looking forward to the possibilty of working with you this year.  Being the most important international motorcycle show in Europe this year, and being the 71th edition of the show,  the 2013 EICMA promises to be bigger and better than ever……but all the good spaces are also going fast!!


I am Vince Marazita, the North American Representative for the Milan show and I’m here to help you in deciding whether the Milan Show is the right match for you.  If you’re looking to expand into EUROPE or to increase your market presence there…..then we invite you to consider exhibiting at the 2013 EICMA show.


I’m happy to announce that, once again, the US Department of Commerce has certified our US Pavilion and the EICMA Show as the most important Motorcycle Show in Europe again this year.  This certification will help for two reasons:

1.       We will be assisted by the US Department of Commerce and the US Consulate Offices in helping with matchmaking in Europe

2.       This certification is also very important for those of you applying for State Export Development Grants towards your exhibit expenses (some States offer as much as $2500 towards exhibiting at the EICMA).



I recently received contract for the  American Pavilion , and it’s time to send in deposits if you’d like to be in the US Pavilion  We will give last year’s exhibitors the priority in choosing space over the new exhibitors, and space will be assigned on a first come first served basis for new exhibitors.


THe price this year will be 240 EURO/sm for a linear booth; 260 EURO/sm for a corner booth and we’ve kept the option of bringing your own booth and using the pavilion services (180EURO/sm) which include: an interpreter for the pavilion, wi-fi station, catering, and email blasts to trade visitors of your pre-show press releases. 



We  plan on being in Hall 2 across from Harley again this year.  The deadline for the deposits will be June 30, 2013 and for the final payment for the American pavilion, August 15, 2013


I’ve attached a copy of the US Pavilion Contract if you don’t have it already, along with a copy of the show brochure.  As I mentioned, it’s time to pay the deposit to ensure that you’re one of the first to pick space when I have the final floorplan.   We’ll be creating the final floorplan depending on the amount of space each US exhibitor requests.



I enclosed a cost estimator for the total costs and the deposits, so feel free to use it.  Basically, here are some examples of total costs



Total TURNkey cost (with taxes & fees) EURO

Deposit with taxesdue now


16 square meters linear

4030 EURO
(approx $5250 USD)

830 Euro
 (approx $1079 USD)

16 square meters corner

4350 Euro
(approx $5655 USD)

830 Euro
(approx. $1079 USD)

64 square meters island

16640 Euro
(approx  $21,632 USD)

2560 Euro
(approx $3,328 USD)

(if you’d like to know the approx. US$$amount multiply by the current exchange rate of 1.3)




The easiest way to pay deposits and the final bill is via  credit card going to the following link: www.fieramilano.it/en

-Go to the EXHIBITOR section (under Who are you? On the home page)

-GO TO THE ONLINE Payments Section (about halfway down the green tabs)

- Choose Advance Payments

-In the TRADESHOW pull down menu choose EICMA MOTO 2013

-In the Registration references write:  American Pavilion

Or you can simply fill out the Credit Card Authorization form, sign it and email back to: vmarazita@gmail.com.


If you interested in joining the US Pavilion you should email me:


1.       A scanned copy of the first page of the signed contract 

2.       Forward a copy of the receipt of payment for the online Deposit, or the credit card authorization form.


In your emails, please  let me know what your first few preferences are for your booth space on the enclosed floorplan too!  We will probably be changing it, but this is what we have to work with right now.


Thanks again and I hope to hear from  you soon.  Again, we’ll be accepting deposits through the end of June and I would guess that we should have our final space assignments by the end of July.  


Feel free to call me if you have any questions! 


Ciao for now!


Vince  Marazita

North American representative of the EICMA

c/o Marazita & Associates

22211 Vanowen Street

Canoga Park, CA  91303

Tel: 818/887-9298

Email: vmarazita@gmail.com

Web: www.eicmausa.com

Web: www.eicma.it


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