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EICMA Video Galleries

To see videos from past editions of the EICMA Show in Milan.






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EICMA Photo Galleries

To see photos from past editions of the EICMA Show in Milan.






EICMA:  "The Milan Show"

Show Owners/Organizers:  ANCMA
(Italian Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry Manufacturers)

Founded: 1920 - First edition of the Show was in 1914.

The limited company EICMA is the marketing tool of Confindustria ANCMA, the National Association of Bicycles Motorcycles and Accessories, through which Italy consolidates its role on the international scene.

EICMA organizes the International Motorcycle Exhibition , in Milan: is the only platform in the world capable of illustrating all the different aspects of the two-wheeler world.  It is amply confirmed as the world event that attracts most visitors, trade and press so much so as to guarantee a higher visibility than any other event of this sector.

In 2014, EICMA celebrated its first 100 years. The Exhibition and the city of Milan, together with Italy, boosts a vision of present and future which confers prestige and shows two-wheel vehicles as the protagonists of a new concept of mobility, as well as continuing to inspire a strong deeply-rooted passion.  This mix of elements adds up to a trade exhibition that fulfils both B2B and B2C objectives, enabling producers to reach a wide and highly diversified target. An important forum and meeting point, capable of presenting themes that go well beyond those strictly relating to two-wheelers, and focused on the requirements expressed by society as a whole, even through collaboration with other sectors.

This year, the 2016 EICMA will be the 74th edition of the EICMA -- "ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOTOCICLISMO" where the world on two wheels comes together in Milan, Italy once a year!

Antonello Montante

EICMA Show Director
Caterina Tartufari


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(Italian Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry Manufacturers).  The ANCMA is the owner and the organizer of the EICMA show.


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