For information on the US Pavilion, feel free to contact the North American Representatives of the EICMA / ANCMA in California:

Vince Marazita


tel: +1/818/887-9298


PRICE CALCULATIONS / Estimates based on a 1.1 exchange rate:

1. For a basic 16 square meter turn key linear  booth - one side open:  (4 x 4 meters or approx. 12' x 12')

240 Euro x 16 sqare meters = 3840 Euro + 100 Expopage + 95 Insurance = 4035 Euro

4035 Euro x 1.1 exchange rate = Approx. $4,438.50

2.  For a basic 16 square meter turn key corner booth - corner (4 x 4 meters or approx. 12' x 12')

260 Euro x 16 square meters = 4160 Euro + 100 Expopage + 95 Insurance = 4355 Euro

4355 Euro x 1.1 exchange rate = Approx.  $4,790.50

Exhibiting at the Milan Show in the US Pavilion

Here is the proposed design of the US Paviilion "turn-key" booths.  The space will be sold in increments of 16 square meters (4 x 4 meters -- aproximately 12 x 12 feet).  The booth will include:  back walls, company signs, carpet, table/chairs, reception counter, locking closet, shelves, and wastebasket.  All booths will also come with lights and electricity, along with a strip plug for laptops, etc.

Deadlines:  You must sign up by June 15, 2015, by submitting a completed US Pavilion Contract and a deposit payment.  Final payments will be due in September 2015.

The price this year will be 240 Euro/square meter for linear booths (1 open side) and 260 Euro/square meter for corner booths (2 open sides).


There will also be a reception area for the US Exhibitors in the Pavilion where there will be a wired internet station, and light refreshments.  There will also be an interpreter / hostess for the pavilion.

We will be located in Hall 24 near the MOTOLIVE area and across from Harley Davidson, so we are sure to have lots of foot traffic during the 6 days of the show.